Maracaibo took third place in the Game Award 2019.  We are very proud of this because it is an audience award and shows that many players appreciate our work. 


 Alexander Pfister has once again managed to play a really good game and he is grateful for the recognition that this has given him. 


It motivates us as a team to continue making games in the future that we ourselves like and are convinced of.


Many thanks to all who voted for Maracaibo!

Autumn novelty MARACAIBO


With the autumn novelty MARACAIBO, Alexander Pfister and Game's Up bring 2-4 expert players to the Caribbean of the 17th century: Different nations struggle for supremacy and try to consolidate their political and economic power there.


A colorful world of adventure


The players are seafarers,  who will make every effort to achieve a high reputation among these nations. It's also about weaving strong connections and ultimately gaining fame and fortune.


Over four rounds, players must take their ships on a circle trip through the Caribbean and perform actions at each stop they make.

This could mean that they gain advantages by playing cards, placing assistants on certain locations, fighting on behalf of one of the nations, delivering goods, upgrading ships, completing quests, or pursuing an expedition into the jungle.


The players are heavily challenged, because their adversaries don't sleep. Only those who succeed in implementing their plans profitably will be able to win in the end. But the plans can be thwarted quickly in Maracaibo: some rounds are over faster than expected, because the round ends when the first adventurer completes the circle trip!


Play a campaign


As usual, the new game by successful author Alexander Pfister will motivate players to play way more than just one game through a diverse composition of possibilities. In addition, Maracaibo will also include a story campaign that will tell an exciting story and at the same time introduce various twists and turns into the game. Complex fun is guaranteed!


Plays alone


For players who also like to play a game alone, there is a well-functioning solo mode. For example, this is perfect for internalizing the basic rules of the game. 


High-quality game material


Game's Up was not stingy in regard of the game components: terrific look and an extensive quantity  with over 200 wooden parts, more than 260 playing cards, a large game board and a lot more.


Where can I get the game?


It's quite simple: The German version will be distributed by dlp games.


The English version, on the other hand, will be distributed by Capstone Games



In the first English edition, three cards are affected by minor errors (Career Card "Adventure" and both Project Cards "Martyr"). Furthermore a small section in the English rulebook is missing. The link below provides a print-and-play file, offering a "first aid" measure to you. We like to say sorry for any inconvenience.

Maracaibo Correction
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 3.5 MB
Maracaibo Manual EN
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 12.2 MB

Maracaibo: Mini Expansion „La Armada“

 The three dominant nations increase pressure! Now it can happen that you will show your true colors as a Spanish, English or French Commodore, committing yourself mainly to one power. Is this going to disturb the balance?“

This small expansion for Maracaibo comprises:

  • 3 new Career cards
  • 9 new Project Cards
  • 3 corrected cards: Adventure, both Martyr (misprint 1st edition)
  • 1 replacement card: Captain, 13 Doubloons (partially missing in 1st edition) 


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