MARACAIBO is a board game for 1-4 players from Game's Up by renowned game designer Alexander Pfister. Released in fall 2019, it has become one of the most popular euro-style games of the last months.

Players act as seafarers, sailing their ships through the Caribbean of the 17th century and trying to increase their own fame by implementing one or more of several different strategy paths.



We are working on an expansion but want your input in coming up with new "Project Card" effects, which are the heart of the game and provide the great variety that Maracaibo offers.

Alexander and the Game's Up team will then go through the suggestions, pick the most interesting ones, and develop cards based on them. Be creative 



1)     Come up with a new idea for a "Project Card" effect. You can also suggest price, victory points, name, etc. of the card if you like.

2)     Send your idea via e-mail to .

3)     There is a maximum of 5 ideas per person (different ideas or variants of them).

4) Only e-mails which are received between April 16th 2020 and May 6th 2020 (24:00 CET) will be considered.

5) Feel free to discuss your ideas in forums etc. However, your email and the date/time you send it to us will be key in deciding which ideas to use and who to credit for them.




We will choose several of the submitted ideas for our expansion (the total number is not determined yet). Your idea may be modified or further developed in the final product.


Whoever sent a chosen idea first, will be named (if you want) on the respective card (precise spot and size of naming yet to be determined) and in the rule book. We may also honor your contribution in forums, on our website etc.


If ideas are deemed identical or very similar, then only the email received first will be considered.


We are excited about your ideas!




All submissions become property of Game's Up and induce no right of financial compensation or other claims from that for the submitting person. Game's Up will hold the rights for the final decision of which idea(s) to publish. The timing of publication is solely at the discretion of Game's Up.


Any personal data given to Game's Up will only be saved and processed for the duration of the development of the expansion and deleted afterwards. They will not be given or made accessible to any other party whatsoever.

Game's Up is: Ralph Bienert, Marie-Curie-Str. 6, 85055 Ingolstadt, Germany ( ,


Naming on game elements or honoring them in public takes place only after prior agreement of the person affected.


We will notify the persons, whose ideas we want to include by means of their used e-mail address within May/June 2020.



By making submissions you acknowledge that you agree to the above rules.

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